A Guide To Getting That Vibrant Colour You Want

Posted on: 16 November 2016


Striking, vibrant hair colours are all the rage, and it's a trend that is inspiring more and more people to finally take the plunge and try out a hue they've always been tempted by. So what do you need to know before you begin?

Pick something that complements your colouring and your wardrobe.

Style experts have been figuring out what the best colours are for different complexions for decades--so why limit that wealth of knowledge just to the clothes you wear? The rich, interesting hues and tones in those customised palates work just as well in your hair as they do on your body, and mean you're bound to end up with something that will suit you perfectly.

That's not the only thing to consider, of course. Make sure that your new hair colour will go well with the kind of clothes you like to wear and the styles you tend to dress in. If you wear a lot of red, for example, you might want to avoid green hair (unless you fancy looking a bit Christmassy all year round) or bright orange hair (unless you want to embrace the clash, which is a totally legitimate choice if you're doing it intentionally).

Bleach your hair first--but leave it to mature before adding colour.

There's no need for bleaching your hair to damage it on a long term basis, but you've got to be careful. Choose a lightener that doesn't contain ammonia and has been enriched with nourishing oils, and if you're going to need to bleach more than once before colouring it make sure you leave a few days in between each dye.

Once you've stripped your hair of as much pigment as you can, leave it alone for a few days to a week before colouring and give it a deep conditioning treatment the day after you dye. This might sound like a lot of faff, but it's the best way to keep your hair in beautiful condition--and beautiful hair is the only way to get beautiful colour!

Keep it dry as often as possible, and be careful when it's time to wash.

Once your unnatural hue is in place, make sure your hair stays dry as much as possible. Wash it every other day rather than daily if you can, and avoid shampoos that contain sulfates when you do. Try mixing a little of your dye in with your conditioner to give your colour a bit of a boost with every wash, too.

If colouring your own hair worries you--a totally legitimate worry--you may also want to consider reaching out to a local colourist at a place like Skye Norman Hair and Beauty Company.



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